Glass Gem Colors and Finishes

Cranberry (R1) Cranberry glossy
Cranberry tumbled
  Blue (B1) Blue glossy (B1)
Blue tumbled (B1)
Pink (R2) Glossy pink Frosty pink   Light Blue (B2) Light blue glossy (B2)
Light blue tumbled (B2)
Orange (O1) Orange glossy
Orange tumbled (O1)
  Aqua (B3) Aqua glossy (B3)
Aqua tumbled (B3)
Amber (Y1) Amber glossy (Y1)
Amber tumbled (Y1)
  Light Aqua (B4) Light blue glossy (B4)
Light aqua tumbled (B4)
Spring (G1) Spring glossy (G1)
Spring tumbled (G2)
  Lavender (P1) Lavender glossy (P1)
Lavender tumbled (P1)
Leaf (G2) Leaf glossy (G2) Leaf tumbled (G2)   Blush (O2) Blush glossy (R2)
Blush tumbled (R2)
Bottle (G3) Bottle glossy (G3) Bottle tumbled (G3)   Clear/white (W1) Clear glossy (W1) White tumbled (W1)
Mint (G4) Mint glossy (G4)
Mint tumbled (G4)
  Glacier (W2) Glacier (W2) Glacier frosty

Please note the following quirks of the glass:

(1) Some colors vary with size, often the larger pieces are darker
(2) The lavender glass appears as pale blue in cool light